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Secondary School Student Category (2021/22)

Heung To Secondary School (Tseung Kwan O)

New Century Pedal Exerciser

Pedal machines can improve muscle strength of the legs of the elderly, but the machines may not be actively used by the elderly. During the epidemic, it is difficult for relatives and friends to visit the elderly, therefore their relationship may become estranged, and the elderly cannot know the latest situation of their family members. Physiotherapists cannot collect data on the use of Pedal Exerciser from the elderly, therefore this may delay the elderly's treatment.

The device called New Century Pedal Exerciser can solve the above mentioned problems. The exerciser uses photos, audio recordings and video clips of relatives, friends and grandchildren to attract or encourage the elderly to continue to use the pedal exercise to improve muscle strength of their legs. Physiotherapists and family members can also obtain information on the frequency of the elderly using the pedal exerciser through the Internet and mobile phones, and give the elderly appropriate advice on the use of the pedal exercise. Through the pedal exercise, elderly can know the current situation of your family through the device, so that the elderly will feel the care and their life will become happier.

Team List

Instructor: Wong Tung Shek
Students: Cheung Chi Hoi, Chu Tsz Ying, Ho Kai Yui, Ngai Ho Chun, Wu Chi Shing, Lau Yu Hin
Secondary School Student Category (2021/22)