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Secondary School Student Category (2021/22)

Man Kwan Pak Kau College

My AI Smart Nutritionist

My AI Smart Nutritionist is a mobile app that helps elderly and the people with visual impairment to read food labels. It can help users to avoid eating foods that are expired or cause allergies. The app also saves food records and calculates their nutrition values automatically so that users can keep track of their own daily intake level. The system can analyze the food label photos uploaded by users through Cloud Vision API and convert the food labels into audio messages through Text-to-Speech. Users can know their own nutrition intake by the charts and advisors for healthy eating provided by the My AI Smart Nutritionist app.

Team List

Instructor: Lai Fu Wai
Students: Chun Tin Yik, Chan Chun Yu, Chong Hoi Ching, Wong Yin Chau
Secondary School Student Category (2021/22)